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Spring 1999

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Discrimination against the Irish Travelling Community in Ireland may not seem like a topic relevant to people in Montana, since most people have never even heard of them. Yet it is very important because discrimination is a serious issue no matter who is experiencing it. We are all part of the human family and must criticize and correct our extended society when a member group is going without basic needs including food, shelter, and respect. The injustices described are ironically occurring in a Christian society. I do not purport to know everything about Travellers or what is the solution to their problems, but I do know that a great injustice is being committed against them. I have only talked to a few Travellers. I have never lived with them or carried out my own surveys or studies. What I have done, however, is spent a lot of time with the settled community of Ireland. On a very regular basis they make negative references to Travellers. They complain about Travellers and make jokes at their expense. I have read many books that were written by Travellers themselves so as to get accurate information and a feeling of what they are experiencing. As a human, I know that no matter who they are, they deserve to be treated well and not to be despised as they currently are. I hope that my analysis of the oppression will open people’s eyes about how injustice can be built into a system and make them aware of their actions so that we may work towards equality, justice and respect for all.