Date of Award

Spring 1986

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First Advisor

John Hart

Second Advisor

Rev. Eugene Peoples

Third Advisor

Rev. H. J. Courtney


Holy Scripture is rooted in covenant theology. The "berit" of the Old and New Testament are patterned after the ancient suzerainty treaty of the Hittite and Assyrian nations and constitute a binding agreement between God and Hebrews and God and Christians. God draws people unto Himself, and people respond to God's initiative and revelation. The dynamics and reciprocal relationships between these covenant parties will effect approximations of the Kingdom of God on earth, and promulgate salvation for all humanity. The Yahweh-Hebrew covenant is not invalidated and superannuated by the God-through-Jesus covenant with Christians. The Mosaic Covenant is strengthened, reaffirmed and perpetuated by Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.