Date of Award

Spring 2018

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First Advisor

Eric Hall

Second Advisor

Edward Glowienka

Third Advisor

Katherine Greiner


Health is often seen as the lack of illness or disease within a person. Often in the hospital it is these that are treated as well as emotional problems that may arise. Often spirituality and spiritual health is not seen as a part of healthcare. There have been increasing studies that spiritual health has a positive correlation with overall health. With the toxicity of treatment within a medical setting it is important to include the spirituality of the patient. In order to adequately care for the patient the spiritual side needs to be addressed. However it is important to realize that the spirituality of the patient depends on the maturity of the patient. Each demographic from childhood to elderly is examined in the context of developmental stage and spiritual issues that accompany the stage and how a healthcare professional ought to treat the spirituality of the patient as well as the physical ailments within the medical setting.