Date of Award

Spring 1993

Document Type




First Advisor

Rev. Michael Driscoll

Second Advisor

Ann Bertagnolli

Third Advisor

Rev. Jeremiah Sullivan


Today, in community with our sisters, we are coming to the place in our identity process where we know the intended meaning of humility and righteousness—sides of the same coin. And like the two sides of this coin, there is another two-sided coin named psyche/pneuma, mind and spirit, and this coin contains another aspect of our identity. The third coin is the most precious coin of all; this coin is named HE/SHE and is the fullness of the likeness we were created to image, the likeness we are called to become, the full-dimensioned expression of our God—no longer seen only as HE, but now including the feminine dimension of divinity, SHE. In researching these areas of identity, I found from reading, reflecting on personal experience, and from listening to other women's stories, some basic hypotheses were apparent in the development of feminine psychological and spiritual identity. In this "Year of the Woman," women have come to the forefront in the fields of education, business, politics and also in the church. Therefore, I believe it is appropriate to look at the feminine in regard to spiritual and psychological beliefs and identities as human beings, particularly female beings. It is in light of these beliefs that I share these hypotheses to which I have come to give credence.