Date of Award

Spring 2017

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First Advisor

Christopher Fuller

Second Advisor

Edward Glowienka

Third Advisor

Cheri Long


Carroll College has a history rooted in faith. Founded by the Catholic Diocese of Helena in 1909, the school professes a “special obligation to provide for the spiritual needs of the college community” (Carroll College Mission Statement). Using several sources: Carroll’s mission statement, interviews, and the Bible, this thesis analyzes the challenges and potential opportunities to help Carroll College fulfill its mission to meet the spiritual need of its community. As a result, is argues that the College should provide the College Christian Fellowship (CCF) student slub better support on campus. Doing so will complement the work of the Campus Ministry department, which is understaffed and under-resourced to accomplish this goal. This study sheds light on the difficulties and the benefits of capitalizing on CCF while making sure that its role still aligns with Carroll College’s Mission Statement and scripture.