Date of Award

Spring 1940

Document Type



Sociology & Anthropology

First Advisor

John O'Connor


The object of my thesis is to point out the relation between two new economic programs, namely, The Vocational Group as proposed by Pope Pius XI and Industrial Expansion as proposed by Mordecai Ezekiel.

First we shall discuss the Vocational Group. What is The Vocational Group? The Vocational Group is an organic group composed of an association between employers and employees, and includes within itself all the agents required for the accomplishment of its purpose. What are the purposes of The Vocational Group? The purposes of The Vocational Group are two-fold; (1) To reconstruct the social order; (2) To promote common welfare. How does The Vocational Group plan to reconstruct the social order? At present we have tow inorganic classes, Capital and Labor, which are antagonistic toward one another. This antagonism must be replaced by an organic rearrangement of society.