Date of Award

Spring 1940

Document Type



Sociology & Anthropology

First Advisor

John O'Connor


Midway between Individualism--the attitude of mind which tends unduly to emancipate the individual from reasonable control of church, sate, and society--and socialism--that theory which maintains that the state should own and operate all, or at lease, the principle means of production, exchange, and distribution--lies Christian Solidarism. Christian Solidarism is a theory that maintains that society is an organism bound together by wills, and is made up of groups either natural or secondarily natural. Or as Nell-Breuning defines it. "Solidarism, generally speaking, is the social system which makes valid the Amalgamation of men as such, and as members of natural communities of family and state, and advocates, at the same time the free development of a legally, well arranged, co-operative, representative, and corporate association according to rank and vocation that suits the historical requirements."

Solidarism includes principally two things, a reform of social conditions and moral renovation. As the title of this thesis suggests, its aim is to discuss only the reform of these social conditions, or in other words, the structure of the Vocational group. By structure we man the frame work. But in order to indicate what type of framework will be required, it will be necessary at times to mention the purpose, effect, or work of the Vocational Group.