Date of Award

Spring 1962

Document Type



Sociology & Anthropology

First Advisor

Rev. John O'Connor


America has undergone a period of change in the past one hundred years. It has changed from a backward frontier settlement into a powerful industrial giant. American families have been victims of the changes that have affected this nation. Family life is no longer as stable as it was when this country was characterized by close-knit life of the farmer and the craftsman. This nation now places the emphasis on the forces of gigantic industry with large scale production. These changes have brought about a new social order and this new social order has left a legacy of social problems as it demands mass employment in order that men may earn the money necessary to purchase food, clothing and adequate education for their families. When unemployment strikes, the results have far-reaching effects on family life. It is my purpose in this thesis to examine some of the effects of unemployment on family life.