Date of Award

Spring 2018

Document Type



Sociology & Anthropology

First Advisor

Jamie Dolan

Second Advisor

Jessica McManus

Third Advisor

Leslie Angel


This study examined undergraduate college students’ perceptions on the subject of rape and sexual assault of female undergraduate college students. The study was based on the results of Littelton et al. (2009). Seven female undergraduate college students participated in the study on a voluntary basis. Using semi--structured interviews, participants were asked to describe their perceptions of a “typical” strange perpetrator rape scenario, a “typical” drug and alcohol rape scenario, and a “typical” date rape scenario and rate these three scenarios from the most common scenario (1) to the least common (3). The results of the study did not support the findings of Littelton et al. (2009). The results of the study found that participants were unable to answer or reported confusion in describing the “typical” date rape scenario. The results of the study significant as they provide insight about the average types of perceptions that college students hold about sexual assault and rape of undergraduate female college students. The results of the study can be utilized in educating college students about inaccurate perceptions of sexual assault and rape.