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Spring 2004

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Current research shows platonic friendships are very rare. This study was designed to determine if individuals who consider themselves androgynous are more likely to report involvement in platonic friendships than individuals who are more masculine or feminine. Ninety introductory psychology students at Carroll College in Helena Montana completed both the Bern Sex Role Inventory, (BSRI) (as cited in Galen, 2003) and a platonic friendships test that was designed for this study. There were statistical differences found between the three groups, F=9.9 (90) 73.10, P=.001. Those with feminine sex role scores had the highest mean on the platonic test (M = 75.72, SD = 8.98), followed by the androgynous subjects with a mean score of 71.89, SD = 10.45. The lowest platonic mean score (M = 60.9, SD = 18.87) was by the masculine group. These results imply that where one falls on the gender scale may play an important role in platonic (non-sexual) compatibility between gendered friendships.