Date of Award

Spring 2006

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First Advisor

Joy Holloway

Second Advisor

Murphy Fox

Third Advisor

Brad Elison


Gender plays an important part in determining our attitudes about sexuality and other gender-specific topics. Due to the socialization of children at a young age, gender norms are established that affect how we behave and think about our gender and our sexuality. A survey of 500 Carroll College students was conducted to examine the interest level of Carroll students in obtaining a Gender Studies minor and/or enrolling in a Human Sexuality course if such options were available at Carroll. The hypothesis states that there will be differences in responses between men and women regarding topics specific to gender and sexuality. The data supports this hypothesis by finding that more women than men showed interest in obtaining a minor degree in Gender Studies. However, both men and women displayed strong interest in enrolling in a Human Sexuality course. The data collected from this survey, indicate that there is a strong enough interest amongst the Carroll College student body to develop and implement a new Gender Studies minor program at Carroll College. An outline of the requirements for the Gender Studies minor is presented along with a schedule layout of the courses necessary for the minor. The implementation of a Gender Studies minor would include the addition of new courses as well as some restructuring of existing courses. By offering a Gender Studies program, Carroll College can continue its pursuit of excellence in providing its students with an enriched, progressive, and diverse learning experience.