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Spring 1998

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Recent reports have indicated the implementation of managed care in mental health care systems has had an effect on stress levels in the therapeutic community. This research was conducted to determine the relationship between managed care and stress among therapists in Helena, Montana. In addition, the relationship between stress and stress reduction techniques used by therapists was studied. Instruments measuring relationships between managed care, stress reduction, and stress levels were mailed to 100 therapists in the Helena community. A total of 42 therapists returned the instruments, and a total of 36 instruments returned were suitable for analysis. Correlations with the managed care variables, defined as the caseload and additional paperwork and stress, showed positive significant relationships: Caseload r (34)= .312 P<. 05 and increased paperwork r (34)=. 407 P<. 01. Correlations between stress reduction variables and stress showed significant relationships for 12 of the 16 stress reduction techniques measured. The range of significant relationships was r (34)= -. 290 P<. 05 to r (34)=-. 506 P<. 05. These results were discussed in view of the possible effects of increased work demands associated with managed care and stress levels among therapists.