Date of Award

Spring 2007

Document Type



Political Science & International Relations

First Advisor

Erik Pratt

Second Advisor

Nathalie Caulliez

Third Advisor

Robert Swartout


The tensions between supply and demand of energy resources have existed for many years, though they were pushed to the forefront in the 1970s with the first oil shocks - when the developed world realized just how dependent it was on oil as a primary source to create electricity, to run cars, and to fuel industry. At this time there was a new technology that really started to become productive in the 1950s and 1960s and was poised to be the perfect solution to the world’s future energy problems: nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is a technology that is non-renewable through the use of heavy elements - such as plutonium and uranium, which are also very rare - yet, there is hope that further research could develop nuclear energy production into a renewable source of energy.