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Spring 1949

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Many philosophers from the earliest times to the present have attempted to define the rea in the body where the soul resides. Science and further reasoning have proven them wrong in their explanation. But the most obvious approach to this problem will be from the teaching of the nature of the soul. The term soul comes from the Latin word anima which means "breath", life. An interesting question is where in the body is the most sign of evidence of life? In the brain? the heart? the pineal gland? The point being stressed here is the importance of the question. The writer asked some of his fellow-students the question, "Where in your body is your soul"? Some look askance and smiled; others didn't know and said so. One expressed the statement that the answer would be needed in case he met a materialist who would deny the soul's existence. The burden of proof is on our side because we affirm its real existence.