Date of Award

Spring 1956

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First Advisor

Rev. John O'Connor


The main object of this study is to find our how the Guaranteed Annual Wage (hereafter to be shortened to GAW) fits into the Catholic concept of Social Philosophy. To this purpose the Thesis is organized under five subheadings, each of which constitutes one chapter.

Chapter II: An Inquiry into the Basic Principles of Social Philosophy Stressing Human Rights, the Exercise and Protection.

Chapter III: A Short History of GAW up to the Present Time.

Chapter IV: Arguments For and Against GAW.

Chapter V: The Basic Principles of Social Philosophy Applied to GAW.

Chapter VI: Summary and Conclusion.

Need and Timeliness of the Study: There is a definite need to consider the socio-philosophical aspect of GAW. Labor Unions, Employers and Economists - each of these groups have made important contributions to the discussion on GAW. The unions succeeded in achieving a guaranteed semi-annual wage in the auto industry in 1955. All the major producers in this field - General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corporation - accepted the principle of GAW. For 1956 the labor unions announced as their goal the winning of GAW in the steel industry.