Date of Award

Spring 1959

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First Advisor

Rev. Achilles Edelenyi


The first half of the twentieth century has been a period of world tension and strife in nearly every realm of human activity. Men search for an answer to the problems confronting them at the present time. They ask themselves, "What is wrong with the world today?" "Here, at least, is one thing wrong: supermen, supercorporations, supergovernments, considering themselves "beyond good and evil", immune to criticism and independent of moral codes." Few men today realize that this state of affairs is but a culmination in the social order at present of the philosophy of a man who called himself, ' the first immoralist' Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

There have been many criticisms of Nietzsche, but there have been few who have really understood his philosophy. An understanding, however, is necessary, for only those who are aware of Nietzsche's true meaning are able to discern his widespread, yet subtle, influence in today's world. It is only in consideration of this influence that a real need for a well grounded criticism of the foundation of his moral doctrine is manifest.