Date of Award

Spring 1970

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First Advisor

Rev. Francis Wiegenstein

Second Advisor

Robert Heywood

Third Advisor

Rev. Michael Dick


The thoughts of Friedrich Nietzsche are diverse and varied. It would be extremely difficult or even impossible to examine, or synthesize, or render justice to all of them is a single work. Thus the context I have chosen for the study of Nietzsche is rather limited I am most interested in Nietzsche as a philosopher of what he contends is an "Antichrist" doctrine, and I intend to analyze the meaning of this philosophical position and Nietzsche’s ensuing refutation of contemporary ethical standards.I am convinced that Nietzsche is a very positive thinker and philosopher, and I further believe that a study of his refutation of contemporary morality will unveil his awesome respect for the almost boundless capabilities with which man is endowed. An excellent preparation for Nietzsche’s thought could be found in his own Preface to the Genealogy of Morals, for in that section, he very lucidly explicates the directions of many of his major tenets.

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