Date of Award

Spring 2012

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First Advisor

Joni Walton

Second Advisor

Jennifer Elison

Third Advisor

Chris Fuller


The purpose of this research study was to explore the challenges faced by nurses working to enhance the nutritional status of Latin American immigrants working in Montana and Idaho. Classic grounded theory with constant comparative analysis was utilized to collect, code, and analyze the data. Three nurses working with Latin American immigrant populations in Montana and Idaho were interviewed regarding their perceptions of the challenges faced while working to enhance nutrition for Latin American populations. The core category of this study is nutrición para la vida with four supporting categories: living in poverty, overcoming language barriers, promoting healthy lifestyles, and eating nutritional ethnic foods. The findings of this study suggest that nurses believe that it is vital for this population to achieve and maintain a healthy nutritional status. The findings also suggest that nurses play an important role in providing culturally appropriate care to Latin American immigrants. This study provides an understanding of the challenges nurses encounter when providing nutrition education to Latin American immigrants working in Montana and Idaho.

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