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Spring 1958

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The testing program in schools of nursing has become increasingly significant within the past ten years. Pre-nursing tests, achievement tests and the state board test pool, constructed and administered by the National League for Nursing Education, constitute a series frequently used in schools of nursing today. A historical development of this series, still in an experimental stage, dates back to 1911.

One of the purposes of the testing program within a school of nursing is to determine the degree to which one type of test relates to another. This thesis presents a study of an average class admitted to the Sisters of Charity School of Nursing, Helena, Montana within the past five years. The scopes for the pre-nursing and guidance tests are compared with the scores made by the same class in their achievement tests, finally, the standard scores received by these same students are studied in relation to their previous test performances in an attempt to establish a significant relationship.

It is the purpose of this writer to show, first by separate tables the results in scores of the pre-nursing, achievement and state board tests. Also in table form are tabulated the withdrawals and state board failures. Secondly, the results of the three tests will be compared in figure form to determine the degree of correlation, if any, in hopes of establishing use of these tests. Do these tests, in succession, give an indication of the students’ final outcome? Through this study, it is hoped that an answer to this question will be forthcoming. With the above points in mind, it will be helpful to prove that a correlation or relationship does exist among these three types of tests and are, therefore, useful tools in the admission or rejection of students in schools of nursing and to final prediction of success in writing the licensing examination.