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Spring 2008

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The area and culture most affected by AIDS is in sub-Saharan Africa, where 74 percent of the total number of people infected resides. In January 2005 data was collected through the nursing intervention classification (NIC) survey of twenty parish nurses in Swaziland, Africa. In May 2006 additional ranking surveys were completed and interviews were conducted. By ranking this data in comparison to data collected from United States parish nurses few similarities in the daily nursing interventions but many similarities in the core nursing interventions are found. From this comparison it is concluded that daily interventions are unique based on the population served such as in Swaziland where the majority of patients are affected by HIV/AIDS. The similarities in the core nursing interventions demonstrate that the fundamental practice of parish nursing is not defined by culture or population. By incorporating these daily and core nursing interventions into the current curriculum, future parish nurses in Swaziland can gain a better understanding of this important nursing practice.