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Spring 2009

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Affecting 20.8 million Americans, 7% of the population, Type 2 diabetes (DM2) is currently considered a pandemic affecting people of all ages, sex, and race (National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse [NDIC], 2005). Purpose: Explore the experience of overweight participants living with DM2. Demographics: Interviews for this thesis were conducted with men and women, age 21- 70, living with DM2, who were willing to share their personal accounts of living with these diagnoses. Volunteers were found via networking throughout Montana. Type of Study: The phenomenological research method was used to explore the personal experiences of participants living with DM2. Data Collection: Closed session with in-depth interviews Findings: The themes of this study were: individualized and ongoing nursing care, lifestyle modification and nutrition therapy, routine follow-up appointments, and continued education as necessary components of treatment adherence. Nursing Implications: The information in this study will increase nurses’ awareness and understanding related to recognizing the important risk factors, empathizing with those who are previously diagnosed, and being knowledgeable of how body weight and fat distribution influence DM2 prevention and its management. DM2 and obesity are detectable, controllable, and preventable for most participants. Generalization: The findings cannot be generalized to all patients living with DM2 and obesity. More studies must be done on a larger scale to obtain more representative results.

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