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Spring 2009

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Trauma is the leading cause of death of individuals between the ages of one to 44 (Albertson et al., 2006). The purpose of this thesis is to gain an understanding of the role spirituality play in the recovery from traumatic facial injuries. Participants were English- speaking individuals who were recovering from a disfiguring trauma. All individuals were over the age of 18. The individuals live in the Western states. The sample size of the study was four individuals who had experienced physical trauma requiring surgical repair. Participation was based on a voluntary basis. Interviews took place in a private setting suggested by the interviewee. Data was analyzed by use of classic Grounded Theory. Data collection was complete when there was no new data to be collected and a sense of closure occurred. Using grounded theory methodology, spirituality has been defined by participants in three major categories: Family and true friends as a source of strength, finding meaning and purpose (God, nature, prayer, etc), and emotional reactions to injury (public, self, and family). Through grounded theory constant comparison the researcher has found the understanding of what spirituality means to a person who is recovering from a facial trauma and how it impacts their lives.

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