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Spring 2011

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Purpose: Studies show a correlation between premature mortality rates in individuals diagnosed with Addison‟s disease. Individuals with this diagnosis go from living active, busy lives to having difficulty maintaining work schedules and struggling to maintain normalcy in everyday life. The purpose of this study was to gain understanding of the issues and problems of living with Addison‟s disease. Demographics: Four adult individuals, one male and three females, one which resides in Australia, one in Canada, and the other two within the United States, participated in this qualitative research study. Type of Study: Grounded theory qualitative research methodology was utilized. Data Collection and Analysis: Data collection included in-depth personal interviews and correspondence, field notes, and theoretical memos. Classic grounded theory was used for data analysis. Findings: The core category of this research was “Striving to Maintain Normalcy” with the following supporting categories: a) Finding a Diagnosis, b) Tolerating Fatigue, c) Experiencing Frustration, Fear, and Depression, and d) Coping with Finances, Workplace Environment, Spiritual Matters, and Support. Nursing Implications: The findings of this study will increase the nurse‟s understanding of Addison‟s disease and bring awareness of the concerns and problems that individuals have living with this disease.

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