Date of Award

Spring 1999

Document Type



Mathematics, Engineering & Computer Science


In the global village, technology continually grows, enabling people to communicate, solve problems, and convey ideas. Students can benefit by using technological advances to enhance their education. The ultimate goal of our thesis is to encourage the use of technology in the classroom by introducing teachers and students to the World Wide Web. Specifically, we focus on using computers and other technology to enhance mathematics education at the high school level. To meet our goal, we created a web page entitled, “Mathematics in Music: Integrating Education and the World Wide Web.” We offer the web page as an example of a learning tool, which will motivate students to learn about mathematics while gaining computer skills. For teachers, pages like ours will act as a convenient alternative to hours spent digging through files and books in order to find creative lesson plans. Our web page includes four main sections: an overview ofmathematics and music relationships, a section about harmonies and frequencies, another on beats and resonance, and a section ofhot links connecting to other related sites. Aside from the web page itself, we have written an explanation of the mathematics and lab procedures used throughout the web page. Information concerning how to use the page in a classroom to boost students’ learning is also included. Finally, tips and references are offered to teachers, should they wish to create their own web pages.