Date of Award

Spring 2014

Document Type



Mathematics, Engineering & Computer Science

First Advisor

Ted Wendt

Second Advisor

Virginia Cooper

Third Advisor

Jack Oberweiser


Mathematics education in the United States has been through many reforms, the latest of which is the Common Core State Standards Initiative. While many of the old standards are modifications of the existing standards, the process of mathematical modeling introduced by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics is one of the major changes. Modeling is a way to link the classroom to real world problems and enables students to problem solve, think critically, collaborate with other students, and use a variety of mathematical tools to answer problems. We first explore modeling within the Common Core State Standards Initiative for Mathematics since it is not only one of the eight standards for mathematical practice, and one of six domains in the high school, but also because modeling is integrated throughout the other domain’s standards. We then explore how modeling will be assessed, examine problems that could be used within the classroom, and discuss why modeling is an effective framework for a classroom’s curriculum.