Date of Award

Spring 1957

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Mathematics, Engineering & Computer Science


It is my purpose in the writing of this thesis to give reasons for the teaching of trigonometry in the high school; give a short history of trigonometry and show the importance that trigonometry has played in the world; and to then go into some detail on the material to be covered in a high school trigonometry course and the methods of teaching this material. I will not work example problems for each set of formuli, but will try to have representative problems of each distinct type. Similarly, I will not prove all the identities, but will try to give the general method of proof for each class. It is presumed that a student taking this course in high school will have had one year of algebra and one year of geometry. He will need a working knowledge of such things as proportions, similar triangles, Cartesian coordinates, and solving simple equations, I will try to emphasize the practical aspects as much as possible, giving the various methods of solving triangles and showing their applications to practical problems. I will denote certain things that should be memorized for a more fluent use of the subject.