Date of Award

Spring 1975

Document Type



Mathematics, Engineering & Computer Science

First Advisor

Ronald Knoshaug

Second Advisor

Alfred Murray

Third Advisor

Guido Bugni


In writing this thesis, I have purposely divided it into two sections or volumes! (1) a mathematical introduction (2) a main body The Introduction is a small history of the change in astronomy and the mathematics and physics applicable to it* In this section is what I feel to be the basic laws and concepts needed to understand the whys and wherefores found in the main. body. Although some parts may be understood by someone not well versed in mathematics and physics, I do not suggest that he (she) try to go thru this part (the introduction) alonel The main body with the very basic laws of logarithms, trigonometry , and vector addition should be understandbable for the most part. A knowledge of relativity is not necessarily needed-however it should be known that it gives different answers than classical physics.

For the remainder a knowledge of integration, and the concept of infinitesimals is required-not too an extreme but not overly simplistic either. The introduction assumes a knowledge of integration, vector analysis, the limiting process, differentiation, and physics. Also a background as to the need of quantum mechanis would be useful. The physics required deals mainly with circular motion and electrostatic conditions. The introduction alone leads nowhere. The main body for a mathematics-knowledgeable person is complemented by it. I feel it is more than just an appendix as it delves deeper than just stating facts and laws. It gives an explanation. As a result I have started each section with a page numbered 1. No page or equation reference in the introduction will take you into the main body. At any point in the main body where I feel a reference back to the introduction is warranted-it will be expressed that way. If in the main body a reference back to a certain page X or a certain equation I is needed, page X or equation Y is found in the main body section!