Publication Date

Summer 2018

Document Type



Life and Environmental Sciences

First Instructor

Stefanie Otto-Hitt

Experiment Type

Reverse transcriptase (RT) PCR


TTHERM 00142330


Rad51: DNA repair protein RAD51 containing protein; strand exchange protein; involved in homologous recombination and repair of double-stranded DNA breaks


Our experiment explored whether raised temperatures affected expression of the Rad51 gene in Tetrahymena thermophila. Our hypothesis was that raised temperatures would result in a decrease in expression of the Rad51 gene. The protein product of this gene functions in double stranded DNA repair. We chose this experiment to see if the rising average temperatures around the world would affect expression of genes involved in DNA repair. Our test samples were kept in a growth medium at 37C while our control samples were kept in a growth medium at 24C. Afterwards, the transcribed mRNA was reverse transcribed into DNA and primers were used to amplify the Rad51 gene. Semi-quantitative PCR was then used to analyze expression of the Rad51 gene. Our prediction was that higher temperatures would decrease the expression of the Rad51 gene.