Date of Award

Spring 1971

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

John Redman

Second Advisor

James Manion


I believe that the most efficient method of writing a synopsis of my research is to divide the work into three chapters. The first chapter will be devoted to researched material concerning previous studies done with Neurospora crassa. It will be my purpose in this section to explain the asexual and sexual types of reproduction associated with this fungus and to illustrate its value as a research organism in the field of genetics. Also, I will recount that past research which is pertinent to my own study, and which reflects similar conclusions. The second chapter will be a summary of my own experimental research. In it will be found the materials and methods used in attempting to fulfill my purpose. Also, all results of my experimentation will be listed in this section. The concluding chapter will include a discussion of all experimental results and a statement of conclusion as a result of the interpretation of this data.