Date of Award

Spring 1972

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

James Manion

Second Advisor

Vincent Palese

Third Advisor

Walter Jankowski


This thesis is intended to serve several functions. One purpose is to acquaint the writer with the biological systems that have been studied over the past four years. It is also intended to study the correlation between biological systems. This is necessary since much complexity is involved. A study of this nature, then, would bring to light many of the tangential courses studied such as chemistry, statistics, philosophy, and literature. The paper Itself proceeds in two halves. The first half is concerned with research. This gained its impetus when the author was first presented with a monograph on aldosterone. Interest in the importance of electrolytes and in cardiology developed the two-fold nature of the first half. The second half of the paper deals with an experiment designed to actually study a correlation between body functions. In this case, the study centered on the correlation between the adrenal glands and the effects of electrolytes on the heart.