Date of Award

Spring 1974

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

Jean Smith

Second Advisor

Rev. James Sullivan

Third Advisor

Guido Bugni


Beeson, Thomas F., Cornelius P. Brooke and William E. Hadcock (Carroll College, Helena, Montana). Lipoprotein levels in the Hutterites: correlatation with hyperlipidemia and nutrient intake. Serum cholesterol and serum triglyceride concentrations were determined for 90 Hutterites from the R and M colonies. Samples with serum lipid levels above recommended values were subject to lipoprotein electrophoresis. Of those tested by electrophoresis, 18.4 percent of the R colony Hutterites and 23.1 percent of the M colony Hutterites were diagnosed as hyperlipidemic. Lipoprotein electrophoresis showed a type II pattern in most cases. Dietary analysis was included in our study. The R colony Hutterites consumed 76 percent and the M colony Hutterites 53 percent of their dietary fat in saturated fatty acids. This was viewed to be the etiology of the high incidence of type II hyperlipidemia.