Date of Award

Spring 1940

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

Harry Gelsing


Common colds, as so often stated, are one disease which doctors know they know little about, but the average layman thinks he knows all about. Although colds outnumber any other disease 25 to 1, no one has ever died from an uncomplicated cold. Because of this fact, doctors have rightly neglected colds for the mortal plagues. In recent years doctors have been working on this mystery and have learned many important things, though most of them have been negative.

The problem of my thesis points in a positive direction, as I will endeavor to show what effect, if any, common colds have on the blood count. No definite work, so far as I can determine has ever been published along this ling. As much as I would like, I can not offer my work as anything absolute or definite, as such a work would have to be much more thorough and extended. In working for a Master's degree, I would like very much to revise and extend this work.