Date of Award

Spring 1950

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Life & Environmental Sciences


Not until the last few years have the advantages of plastic embedding become available to the student in the preparation of biological specimens. Through the advancements made by the Ward Natural Science Establishment, Inc., in this field, Bioplastic is now perfected to the point where students may embed specimens without the use of any elaborate equipment. Reasonably good results can be obtained if proper technique is carried out as outlined by the Ward Company.

Ward's are continually experimenting with their product and have made various changes in technique since the produce first became available to the public. It is probable that with continued research and investigation the process will be further improved so that sources of trouble in the technique will be eliminated and the cost of the material lessened.

In conducting their research, Ward's were confronted with two problems: First, to find a plastic material suitable for quantity production, and second, to provide plastic preparations of excellent clarity and durability for educational purposes.