Date of Award

Spring 1950

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Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

H. Gelsing


In considering the bacteriostatic properties of garlic juice, the investigation of antibiotic substances should be viewed. Such substances have been known for many years, the first work being done on them was in 1860, when pyocyanin was isolated. In gneneral, antibiotic substances are more effective on gram-positive bacteria and vary in their degree of toxicity to various species of bacteria.

The chemical properties indicate these antibiotic substances are of diverse nature, including polypeptides, sulphur-containing compounds, lipids, pigments, quinones, and organic bases.

In recent years interest has increased greatly in these substances since it has been found that some are highly toxic to man; others are effective chemotherapeutic agents.

For many years, there has been a common conception that those people who eat highly spiced food with garlic and onions are not as susceptible to colds and septic sore throats caused by streptococci as those who do not take part in eating of such foods. If this be true, is it due to the aseptic qualities (antibiotic substances) found in the garlic and onions?