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Spring 1953

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Life & Environmental Sciences


The purpose of the investigation was to find the solubility of the silver salt of meta-nitro-benzoic acid in pure water and in solutions of potassium nitrate of different strengths. A search into the literature gave solubility data for benzoic acid, for silver benzoate, and for the nitro, dinitro, and trinitro derivatives of benzoic acid, but the only information given on the solubilities of the silver salts of the nitro acids was the solubility of silver para-nitro-benzoate in pure water at 20 C.

No other information on these salts could be found in Siedell (published 1940-1941), in the Chemical Abstracts from 1940 through 1952, or in the most recent edition of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (Thirty-Third Edition - 1952).

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