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Spring 1953

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Life & Environmental Sciences


In the following pages the student will find most of the information concerning the embedding of specimens in Bio-plastic. We recommend that, through several serious errors, the directions be read with utmost care and then followed with equal caution. Embedding is not limited to work such as ours, but can be carried into the fields of insects, anatomical sections, coins, embryos, fish, flowers, and many other objects that aren’t too large.

Since most of these operations were carried on after normal study hours, we were unable to follow the directions with all the precision and care that could have been taken. Although this didn't reflect directly on our work, it did hinder us in that we could pour only one or two layers a week, thereby spreading the work over a long period. We were very fortunate in having at our disposal the State Board of Health Lab where I was employed during the time we worked with the plastic. We would, at this time, like to express our appreciation and thanks to Miss Kuhns for making these facilities available to us.

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