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Spring 1956

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Life & Environmental Sciences


The subject matter of this paper is the purpose and basic chemical principles of chosen determinations performed in a laboratory of clinical pathology. it is not eh intention of the author to present any new methods for the following tests but to illustrate established ones.

Basically the purpose of any laboratory determination is to aid the physician in the prevention, diagnosis and control of disease. Because the results of these examinations are corporated in a physician's differential diagnosis, it is imperative that each test be given the utmost attention in order to minimize, as much as possible, the influence of error.

The medical profession in its essence, deals with life and however large or small a technologist's part in the field--he must realize that event the most insignificant determination has at its subject a human being.

The author has selected three determinations--blood glucose, blood urea nitrogen and hemoglobin for analysis. Each is a common laboratory test and each has its own relationship to certain pathological conditions.