Date of Award

Spring 1959

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

James Manion


I informed Dr. J. J. Manion in the spring of 1958 that I would like to write a thesis. I preferred to include psychology as I believe psychology is an important phase of modern medicine.

Doctor Manion referred me to "Pleasure Centers in the Brain" as written by James Olds and published in the October 1956 issue of Scientific American.

After doing background reading I decided upon this general subject for the following reasons: it is a current study, it has practical application in medicine, it combines Biology, Psychology and Physics and it requires a detailed study of the brain.

My original plan was to follow J. Olds' work testing the effects of certain tranquilizing drugs and similar organic compounds on self stimulated pleasure centers of the albino rat brain.

I received an untested tranquilizer, serpasil from Bruce McDonald who was in a research institution in Chicago Ill. working for the United States army.

Deciding to do extensive testing on serpasil, I began dosage experiments on rat I. Rat I became ill and I was forced to halt dosage experiments for the time.

In December a heating system failure killed eleven rats including two mature rats which were ready for use.

This stopped by experiment until I could procure more rats as only two young rats survived the holocaust.

Receiving six rats in mid January, there was not enough time for my original experiment, but limited it to implanting the electrode and preliminary testing and mapping of the rat brain.