Date of Award

Spring 1978

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

Lester Edens

Second Advisor

James Manion

Third Advisor

Jack Semmens


It was hypothesized that through the use of EMG, temperature regulation and EEG alpha training, a highly anxious patient would be able to significantly lower his EMG scores, heighten the temperature of his hands and increase significantly the amount of time spent in the aloha state. 'The client, a 21 year—old—male college student, experienced tension headaches, stomach acidity and periods of withdrawal. The student was given 11 one-half hour sessions on the EMG and temperature regulator. Of these, two sessions were for baseline information and four were in concurrence with an EEG hookup. During the course of training the EMG readings were significantly reduced. There was no definite pattern of temperature reduction, in fact these readings were inconsistent and irregular. The amount of time spent in alpha was not significantly increased during the four sessions, probably due to the length of time between sessions and the less-than-ideal clinical setting. As a result of the training the client's stomach acidity lessened, the frequency and intensity of headache decreased and a heightened physiological awareness was reported.