Date of Award

Spring 1979

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

Guido Bugni

Second Advisor

James Manion

Third Advisor

John Christenson


A study on the water quality of saline seep drainage was taken over a six-month period, ranging from June 1978 to November 1978. Intermittent analyses were made along the drainage route from the tile drains to its termination in Benton Lake, a closed basin. Tests were conducted for Na , Ca , K , Mg , Cl , SO4 , total N, pH, and specific electrical conductance. Conditions were studied for human and stock consumption safety. Results showed water quality of the drains to be unacceptable for irrigation or stock and human consumption. Drainage was effective for hydrological control and reduction of seep, yet the water quality did not significantly improve even after extended time periods following drain installation.