Date of Award

Spring 1983

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

John Christenson

Second Advisor

James Manion

Third Advisor

Henry Burgess


The study of the morphology of Jette Lake determined its total area to be 132,099 square meters and its total corrected volume to be 47,792.1 cubic meters. Jette Lake was determined to be temperature-stratified; as the lake's depth increased its temperature decreased proportionally. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water also decreased with the increase in depth. The conductivity of the water, however, increased with the water's increasing depth. A density count of the zooplankton indicated it was dominated by rotifers and Daphnia. The sedimentary benthos was highly inhabited with hemoglobin-bearing Chironomus. The aquatic vascular flora was predominantly populated by potomagetons. The lake's most ecologically pressing problem was a battle for survival between two competing species of fish, the trout (Salmo clarki) and the bass (Micropterus dolomica). The overall health of the lake is taken into account and possible prevention of its further eutrophication is looked at.