Date of Award

Spring 1984

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

John Christenson

Second Advisor

James Manion

Third Advisor

Arthur Westwell


Larvae of Ucides cordatus Linnaeus, the mangrove crab, were reared in a flow-through culturing apparatus under two different feeding levels and the condition of antibiotic or non-antibiotic. Survival under all conditions was low, yielding statistically insignificant results, but the trends showed better larval survival under antibiotic conditions. Little survival difference was noted between different feeding levels. Suggestions on culturing brachyuran larvae in the future are presented as part of this report. A short exploratory bioassay was also conducted. Using the flowthrough system, a mixture of brachyuran zoeae were exposed to three concentrations of primary-treated sewage for 2^4 hours, and a 2^4 hr LC5O was determined through analyses of the data.