Date of Award

Spring 1984

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

Rev. Joseph Harrington

Second Advisor

James Manion

Third Advisor

Rev. Robert Butko


Preliminary experimentation was performed to characterize the P3 human epithelial cell line for radiobiological research. Specifically, work was done to determine if the cell line should be used to evaluate mechanisms of radiation damage and repair as revealed by survival response experimentation and via the 6-thioguanine mutation assay. Growth analysis was performed as well as a 6-thioguanine toxicity study and a 6-thioguanine mutation expression time curve. Preliminary results were obtained from survival experiments following P3 cell irradiation with 50 KvP X-rays, 6^co gamma rays, and Janus Reactor fission spectrum neutrons with a mean energy of 0.86 MeV. These and preliminary results of 6-thioguanine resistance mutation frequency experiments utilizing Janus Reactor fission spectrum neutrons will be discussed.