Date of Award

Spring 1985

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

John Christenson

Second Advisor

Jean Smith

Third Advisor

Arthur Westwell


A controlled-field environment was utilized in two studies to determine the effects of various levels of rain acidities on crops. In the first study, a crop mixture (Trifolium pratense L., cv. 'Arlington' and Phleum pratense L., cv. RS954) was planted on two soil types, Alvin and LaHogue, to study the impact of acid precipitation on crops, as affected by soil type. No significant effect upon dry yield weight was shown at the following levels of simulant acidity: ph 5.4, 4.15, 3.4, 3.15. In the second study, the effects of acid precipitation upon soybeans, Glycine max L., cv. 'Amsoy 71', was studied. The soybeans received simulants (pH 5.4, 4.2, 3.7, 3.4) according to either constant pH treatment or variable pH treatment (with same mean pH as constant pH treatment). The soybean productivity (dry seed weight) was not affected by any of the above levels of acidity, nor rain treatment (constant pH vs. variable pH).