Date of Award

Spring 1985

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

James Manion

Second Advisor

Jean Smith

Third Advisor

John Semmens


This study evaluated the teratogenic potential of mathorexate on the central nervous system of CD-I mice at low concentrations during early gestation. Pregnant mice were given C.i mg <2.5 mg/kg) of methotrexate by intramuscular injections on day 5 of gestation while pregnant control mice received an injection of distilled water. Fetuses were excised by cesarian sectioning on days 7 through 20 of gestation and sectioned for histological examination. Other mice from each group were allowed to go to term and the offspring were examined externally at 7 and 14 days of age. An increased mortality rate, a decrease in fetal size, and slight internal hydrocephaly were ail observed in some of the mice which were prenatally exposed to the methotrexate.