Date of Award

Spring 1987

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

James Manion

Second Advisor

Guido Bugni

Third Advisor

Alfred Murray


Data gathered on beagle dogs who received terminated exposures to protracted whole-body gamma irradiation was reviewed in order to make an evaluation of the incidence of splenic lesions. Three splenic lesions (sarcomas, hematomas, and EMH) were evaluated in terms of the total accumulated dose and dose rate received by the beagle dogs. The incidence of all three lesions, in the irradiated dogs, was found to be significantly greater than the incidence of the same lesions in the control dogs. The irradiated male dogs differed significantly from the control male dogs in the proportion of both splenic sarcomas and splenic hematomas. The females showed no significant difference between irradiated and control dogs in the proportion of any splenic lesion. No association was found between increasing total dose or dose rate and any of the three splenic lesions.