Date of Award

Spring 2005

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

Murphy Fox

Second Advisor

Dennis Weidman

Third Advisor

Kyle Strode


Water is synonymous with life. From it, life is created, and in it, life exists. It is a great equalizer and a common good of the earth, as neither the wealthiest human leader nor the simplest green algae could survive without its essential properties. Unfortunately, the world’s intimate relationship with water is at a breaking point, in need of substantia] repairs. Whereas the 20th century was dominated by the search for oil, the 21st century will be characterized by fierce battles over water - unless change begins now. This document offers the reader insight into the battle for Earth’s freshwater, including a thorough argument for why water must be advocated as a human right. Moving sequentially, the chapters focus on the spiritual justifications for the proper stewardship of water, the contemporary problems instigated by privatization and pollution, followed by an encouraging discussion of solutions to the problem and specific organizations that are ardently fighting to protect the quality and availability of water sources. Finally, a reflection on two water-related internship experiences, which were made possible through the Environmental Studies program at Carroll College, offers a personal account on the importance of protecting and preserving water, the foundation of life.