Date of Award

Spring 2009

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

Jennifer Glowienka

Second Advisor

Grant Hokit

Third Advisor

Murphy Fox


The purpose of my study was to produce a seed collection protocol and field manual working in partnership with the USDA Forest Service Native Plant Material (NPM) Policy, to assist in the FY08 Region One Seed Transfer Zone Study as well as future endeavors with the ecological restoration of the three grass species Festuca campestris, Festuca idahoensis, and Pseudoroegneria spicata. This can also be used as a field guide for the identification oft hese grasses in the native areas ofMontana and the surrounding region. My study describes the morphology, seed collection protocol, and overall plant identification methods for F. campestris, F. idahoensis, and P. spicata. My study also lists the tools and equipment necessary to complete an accurate seed collection, as well as ways to determine which populations are acceptable for sampling. The Seed Transfer Zone Study will contribute to the understanding of genetic variation in core revegetation grass species within Region One (Fox, 2008). The seed collection ofthese three grass species was a fundamental step towards the potential restoration ofthese species in areas ofneed, and a key component ofthe FY08 Region One Seed Transfer Zone Study.