Date of Award

Spring 1999

Document Type



Life & Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

Grant Hokit

Second Advisor

Rev. Joseph Harrington

Third Advisor

Barry Ferst


The use of biological indices in determining water quality is an important part of ft the assessment of habitat quality. But can external factors such as amphibian interactions or seasonal variations affect the bioassessment? My study tested for the effects of poor water quality on macroinvertebrate fauna of small waterbodies. It also tested for possible effects of interactions among water quality, temporal changes, and the presence or absence of amphibian larvae on the macroinvertebrate fauna. Results suggest a negative effect on the macroinvertebrate fauna of mining effluent water when compared with higher quality water. This indicates that the use of biological monitoring is accurate and useful. There were no significant effects on the macroinvertebrates due to the presence or absence of amphibian larvae, however, there was an effect due to temporal changes. This effect may cause problems in making accurate bioassessments and should be accounted for.