Publication Date

Fall 2019

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Languages and Literature

Course Number

FR 495

Course Name

French Capstone

First Instructor

Anneliese Renck


French fraud became a very big problem in the 1970s. Since that time, a lot of changes have occurred. One can understand these changes in France by investigating ethical principles, specifically the judgment and culture of accountants and business people. Ethics influence the law in France which is passed by numerous professional bodies. However, many people do not follow the law and they perpetrate fraud. Fraud appears in public companies, by their customers, and in family businesses. France punishes criminals who commit fraud in many different ways, but they are not perfect. The people with more money are punished less than the people with less money. Also, France does not enact the same criminal penalties on people who commit fraud as they do on other criminals. The French must instruct their citizens and accountants on the importance of taxes and good ethics to diminish fraud.